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Global Grandma (me) and London Daughter (Angela), and Baby W (BW) had a blast at the  London Baby Show  this past weekend. If you read my earlier blog on the Baby Show  this past September, you will know that I am not an automatic fan of these shows. BUT this show, at the ExCel Centre was worth the trip from north London to east.

What made it "wtt"? In no small part, it was the speaker Jo Tantum, with her helpful advice on getting babies to sleep. Jo was the reason my daughter even wanted to go to the show, besides us having a fun day out with BW.
Jo has a natural, engaging but down to earth personality with stacks of practical advice for new mums/moms. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that this Grandma doesn't get paid to say these things. I had a good chat with Jo, and look forward to her being my guest blogger in the upcoming months. In the meantime, please check out the link to her website.

Shopping also a feature at these shows, and ExCel provided the bargains we seek.  Major purchases for BW happened at the time of the September show (that bargain travel cot works well), so this time Angela and I mostly looked at teething chewables. We spent time listening to the speakers and tried out some of the delicious Annabel Karmel baby food.

Very much appreciated by the young mums, my daughter included, was the feeding areas and changing nappy stations. I thought the Fisher Price Creche looked good. I talked to several of the workers in the creche and they seemed on top of security as well as making sure the little ones enjoyed themselves.

Last, but not least, was the excellent access to the show itself. I recommend attending the ExCel Baby Show over the one in Olympia if not simply for the fact that it is easier for mothers/dads and pushcairs/strollers or prams to get there! Ramps and elevators make access possible! Mothers in wheel chairs can actually enjoy the day (except for nearby toilets which were downstairs!)

Still, I have to quibble with something I suppose, and that would be the food for adults. There was little for anyone with a nut allergy to trust. Nutrition information? Gluten free? You had to leave the show and head out on the concourse, which is not a real problem; but even there you had not much on offer unless you like bangers and mash. (We do and we did.)

As a  memento of the day we let ourselves be talked into a little photo shoot for BW. It was a very good deal indeed. For ten pounds (approximately fifteen dollars)  BW was the focus of attention with a fun group of photographers. and my daughter went away with a smiling BW and a happy memory of a day well spent.

Altogether, The London Baby Show
was a lovely way to spend a last day out for awhile, before this Global Grandma boards the plane next Tuesday. I am not good at good-byes. (My own mother was worse, so I blame the genes!)  Every Tuesday for the past months (BW is now five months) I have traveled up from Surrey to London to play and have a cuddle with BW and just enjoy my daughter as a new mom. She is doing so well, along with her supportive husband. Angela is blessed and is a blessing. I leave knowing I have been blessed to have had the past six months with her. We shared the last days of her pregnancy, and I was there for the birth (not in the room as we believe that is new parent time) and for the first months of walks and talks and songs and nappy changes. Angela has an amazing friendship team with her church full of young families, and the London borough of Camden has an amazing offering of baby support  (and yes, I am amazed).

And, we both give thanks that she has Jo Tantums telephone number!

Photo Shoot for the Babies at the ExCel Baby Show. It was fun and not showy!
Designer of beautiful breast-feeding coverings! www.loveyush.co.uk
Love the details organized by the event planners.


Mary Black
03/09/2014 11:22pm

Your review of the Baby Show makes me want to go next year. Sounds like a great place to learn the "art and science of parenting" in the 21st Century. Can't wait to be a Grand mom one day myself.

03/10/2014 7:55pm

Thanks Mary. There are few places a new grandma can go for "Grandma Training"- and this is a great place to pick up tips and information on all the new products....a well as a few shopping bargains. All the best for becoming a Grandma!


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05/05/2014 8:03am

Thanks for visiting us at The Baby Show and for featuring Loveyush Nursing Scarf. :-) We will be at the NEC, in two weeks time, come and say hello if you are visiting.

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06/09/2014 3:51pm

Great review! Having always considered myself allergic to baby shows, this one sounds well organised, relaxed, a fun day out and well worth exploring. Thank you.


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