All over the world "global Grannies/Grandma's/Nona's/Oma's" are packing photos with pride. Having just joined the ranks of being a grandmother, I can see it is a whole new world; and as usual our generation will do it differently. More on this topic another time, for now I just want to celebrate!
On September 5th I arrived back in the UK, thinking I was just in time for my grandson to be born.....ha! Two weeks later, on September 26th at 7:35 pm, Zachariah-Zak!- was born at the University College London Hospital. There is no way to express the joy I felt when I was sent a text by my son in law that I could come up to the fourth floor to see my grandson. I had been spending the afternoon going between the cafe for coffee and the chapel for prayer.
I know many people will say, "Why weren't you in the delivery room with them?" but I just felt that this was an occasion  best shared between husband and wife. They agreed.
At any rate, that is why I have not been writing lately, as there is no more amazing joy than to hold and behold a grandchild. To me, my own children were a miracle, and I gave thanks for them and still stand in awe at the joy of their lives......but there is just something about being a grandmother. God only knows. 



11/08/2013 5:49am

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11/14/2013 11:33am

Thank you- I am hoping to write more regularly and you have been an encouragement to do just that!

12/13/2013 4:26pm

Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! I didn't know until I stopped by your blog and read the happy news. Enjoy the little one!

12/28/2013 3:57am

Thank you Darlene! I am stunned by the joy of Zac (I have been corrected by daughter as to the spelling they would like for the shortening of Zachariah Daniel). Zac must have street cred in Camden! I have five step grandkids whom I love...but I was bowled over by the joy of my daughter's first child. It also helps me to respectfully work to support my step-grandkids grandmas//nonas!

04/18/2014 3:23am

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