From the back balcony in Italy.
Husband and I are back  in the UK, and I have decided to find a good story to skype Little D in Italy. His mum is up for this thankfully, as it is a way Little D can continue with at least some English language.

My husband has spent the last days here in the UK working in the garden (it is snowing in Sussex but sunny in Surrey) and visiting his grandchildren that live nearby. I have been packing up our English home and am looking forward to seeing my daughter and her husband in London on Saturday, and then out to the countryside to see my son and his girlfriend for son's birthday lunch.

Then, on Monday we board the BA flight to Tampa; for eight months in America. Whew!  I , am not much good at good byes; but I have to say I am looking forward to just dropping on a beach somewhere and to recover from the challenges and joys of cross-cultural family life. It has been a wonderful winter here in Europe, seeing the children and their children; but now it is time to go to the other side of the pond for the rest of the year- to see the other side of this increasingly global family of ours.
My parents did most of their grandparenting from South Korea and North Carolina-makes the London-Tampa route seem a cinch!

OK- it did snow here this winter. This is our local tearoom. Husband taking me out to tea for my birthday.


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05/20/2014 9:36am

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